Episode 1: The Introduction

Greetings from me, Jane Shin

Episode 2: Imani Cohen, The Hood Healer

Raising vibrational frequencies with Imani Cohen pka The Hood Healer

Episode 3: April + VISTA

Creating genre-defying music about overcoming things in life

Episode 4: Notes on Essentialism

Identifying your purpose, setting boundaries and staying focused

Episode 5: Tiffany Gouché

Learning to practice self-love and acceptance to create with an open heart


Episode 7: Yuno

Having a positive mindset to create music that converts negativity into positivity

Episode 7 Yuno-1.png

Episode 6: Takeaways from The Untethered Soul

Key takeaways from a book called The Untethered Soul that has guided me on my spiritual quest towards inner freedom


Episode 8: Reflections on patience, pause, and asking for what you need

In celebration of my birthday in a few days, I reflect on some key learnings and lessons that have surfaced over the last year.


Episode #10: Reconnecting with Imani, The Hood Healer

On 2019 reflections so far and becoming and unbecoming in life


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