Episode #7: Yuno on having a positive mindset to create music that converts negativity into positivity

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“Music is something that makes me happy so I like to make music that has an uplifting sound to it even if it’s about something sad, I like to put the uplifting side or if I'm writing about something that was a bad experience, I can write about getting out of that experience rather than sitting in the negative parts of it..."

I sit down with Jacksonville, FL artist Yuno about the way he's been able to craft his own unique sound that blends different influences from emo and indie to rap and classic R&B to create music that encourages, inspires and uplifts, even if the subject matter of the song is about heartbreak or negative emotions.

I came across Yuno's music in 2011-2012, especially "Sunlight" which is one of my forever favorites. Yuno was a "bedroom" musician before the name was used more in the mainstream. He creates music at home alone, songwriting, playing all his own instruments, and self-producing and engineering too. He also creates his own artwork and takes photos too.

In addition to diving into some of the songs he created from his last project Moodie, we talk about the importance of taking a hiatus, how cooking vegan food inspires his creativity, and his favorite smoothie recipes.

Liner notes:

1:22: the meaning behind his hit song “Sunlight” that was a turning point for his career

3:08: creating music that sounds positive

5:23: moments of isolation

6:00: how music became an outlet to channel those emotions

7:30: what Moodie was inspired by, “No Going Back”

9:45: taking a hiatus to learn new things and show other creative sides e.g. photography, vegan cooking

10:43: meeting Shabazz Palaces and signing to Sub Pop Records

12:41: what the hiatus taught Yuno - “not just the guy who makes songs”

14:07: Favorite vegan recipes: young jackfruit baos and vegan fried chicken using rice paper

15:08: Durian smoothies

19:00: main thing for 2019 is to experience new things and say “yes” to more things because of being so used to isolating

21:00: learning mental health through online relationships and Tumblr

25:05: being an example for young black teens in the indie/rock alternative space

26:54: try to remain positive in any situation and being calm to help others be calm; “stressing never solved a problem for me”

29:00: what Yuno is grateful for