Episode 2: Raising vibrational frequencies with Imani Cohen, The Hood Healer 

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Imani aka The Hood Healer is a psychic clairvoyant from Los Angeles. She is one of the most authentic, loving and inspiring people I've met on my spiritual journey.

We talk about shadow work, reminders of how to follow your divine purpose through following intuition, what it means to step into your power and more. She also shares insights into what 2019 represents, what's missing in the music landscape today, and how we individually and collectively can move closer to the light and truth.

A lot of great gems are dropped in this episode so takes notes.

Published February 20, 2019

In the past year and a half, Imani has grown her practice as a psychic clairvoyant, starting at Simply Wholesome in Los Angeles and growing her clientele across the country while she travels and splits her time across LA, NYC, and Miami.

Imani is one of the most inspiring people I’ve met. She has been a significant part of my spiritual growth and creative pursuits in the last year, so I wanted to bring her on as a guest of Progression.

For some background, I first heard of Imani through the wonderful writer and journalist Lakin Starling when we met for the first time early last year when she was visiting LA from NY. She said how life changing her reading was, so I made a mental note to go see Imani in the near future. 

A few weeks after, Imani came to mind. I was working at Spotify, helping create video content for RapCaviar. To help make an International Women’s Day dinner shoot featuring Kali Uchis and City Girls more special, I reached out to Imani as we wanted to bring in a psychic or tarot card reader for the table. We met for the first time on set and connected instantly–the fact that we’re both Cancer Risings may have something to do with it. We stayed in touch, I got some pivotal readings from her both in LA and NY, and she did a reading for Trippie Redd in support of his “Life’s a Trip” album release which was one of the last video projects I worked on at Spotify.

Imani cultivates community not only through her posts, but also through her Instagram Live readings using angel cards and her quick wit and humor that makes these sessions entertaining, resourceful and empowering. Follow Imani at @thehoodhealer.

Quick Interview Notes:

2:00 - what it means to be psychic clairvoyant

5:35 - Beginnings at Simply Wholesome

6:10 - Soul Family

8:00 - Working with Spotify and BET that represented her progression as a psychic clairvoyant and healer the most

12:06 - Women are constantly pressured to choose. There’s a false perception that we can’t have it all.

13:50 - “There is no traffic in your lane”

14:07 - What it means to be in the defense energy

15:18 - The house with light vs. the house wth no light

15:32 - Anxiety vs. intuition = feeling in chest vs. feeling in gut

15:55 - Imani on her shadows

16:52 - “My inner me is still petty”

17:36 - “Practicing the pause and pacifying the petty. Transmuting the petty to peace.”

17:50 - “there really is no end destination, we’re always becoming and unbecoming…”

18:06 - Boundaries

19:30 - Essentialism

20:00 - Advice on searching one’s divine purpose

21:36 - Imani’s observations on the music scene–what’s missing in the music landscape today

23:45 - 2019 is a year of exposure and truth, more awareness in the collective

24:44 - Artists are shape shifters

24:58 - Step into your power

26:03 - Make room for change, don’t try to control your blessings